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The 20 Most Useful Websites for University Students

Updated: Apr 23

University life is a dynamic journey filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. In today's digital age, a wealth of online resources exists to support and enhance your academic pursuits. These 20 valuable websites are tailored specifically to the needs of university students, offering a wide array of tools and resources to help you excel in your studies. From comprehensive learning platforms to research assistance and productivity tools, explore how each of these websites can be your ally in the pursuit of academic success.

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The Best Websites for Students



Coursera is an extensive online platform that partners with renowned universities and institutions to offer a diverse range of courses. As a university student, you can leverage Coursera to supplement your regular coursework. Explore additional subjects, earn certificates, and gain valuable knowledge from the comfort of your own home. With Coursera, your learning options are virtually limitless.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is an exceptional site for university students seeking comprehensive explanations and practice materials in subjects like mathematics, science, economics, and more. This free online platform features a vast collection of video tutorials that can clarify challenging concepts, making it an invaluable companion to your classroom learning.



Quizlet is a versatile study tool that empowers university students to create personalised flashcards and quizzes. Whether you're preparing for exams, reinforcing key concepts, or fostering collaborative learning with peers, Quizlet adapts to your unique study needs. It's a dynamic, user-friendly resource that turns studying into an engaging and effective experience.



JSTOR is a digital treasure trove that opens the doors to a world of academic journals, books, and primary sources. For university students, it's an indispensable resource for conducting in-depth research and finding credible sources to fortify your research papers and projects. JSTOR's extensive library offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.



Grammarly is your writing companion for enhancing the quality of your essays, research papers, and assignments. Beyond simple spell and grammar checks, Grammarly provides suggestions for improving clarity, coherence, and style. As a university student, you can refine your writing skills and present your ideas more effectively with this indispensable writing assistant.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is your go-to computational knowledge engine, particularly beneficial for university students studying mathematics, physics, and engineering. This powerful tool simplifies complex maths and science problems, offering step-by-step solutions and helping you gain a deeper understanding of these subjects.



Cram is a versatile flashcard website that empowers university students to create, discover, and share flashcards across various subjects. Whether you're gearing up for final exams or reinforcing your understanding of course material, Cram provides a flexible and effective study aid to boost your academic performance.



TED-Ed is an engaging educational hub featuring a rich collection of video lessons and thought-provoking content on a diverse array of topics. As a university student, you can delve deeper into subjects that pique your interest, broaden your horizons, and complement your coursework with TED-Ed's immersive learning experiences. The depth of subjects on TED-Ed makes it one of the best websites for students to learn the intricacies of a specific topic.



Duolingo is a dynamic language-learning platform that caters to university students aiming to enhance their language skills. Whether you're brushing up on your proficiency in a foreign language or embarking on a journey to acquire a new one, Duolingo offers an interactive and enjoyable path to linguistic mastery.



SparkNotes is a comprehensive repository of study guides, summaries, and analytical resources for literature and various subjects. For university students delving into classic texts and literature analysis, SparkNotes is an invaluable companion that simplifies the complexities of course material.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a specialised search engine that empowers university students with streamlined access to scholarly articles and academic papers. It simplifies the process of locating authoritative sources for your research projects, making academic exploration more efficient and effective.



LibriVox presents a delightful offering for university students: free audiobooks of classic literature. If you're tackling literature courses or simply aiming to make reading assignments more accessible, LibriVox provides an auditory twist to traditional reading experiences.



Wikipedia, while not a primary source, serves as one of the best websites for students to make an informative start to their research journeys. It often offers concise overviews of complex topics and serves as a gateway to reputable sources for further exploration.

Purdue OWL


Purdue OWL, an Online Writing Lab, is a comprehensive resource for university students seeking guidance on various aspects of writing. From mastering different citation styles to honing your grammar and refining your academic writing skills, Purdue OWL is a trusted companion in the realm of effective communication.



EasyBib simplifies the intricate process of citing sources by generating accurate citations in various citation styles, such as APA and MLA. University students can rely on EasyBib to effortlessly create properly formatted reference lists for their research papers and assignments.



Evernote is a multifaceted note-taking and organization app that streamlines the management of research notes, ideas, and materials. As a university student, you can maintain impeccable organisation for your research projects and academic pursuits, ensuring you have easy access to critical information.



OneNote, an integral part of Microsoft Office, is a versatile note-taking app designed to assist university students in keeping their notes organised and accessible across devices. Whether it's lecture notes, research findings, or personal reflections, OneNote facilitates seamless digital note-taking.



Mathway is a robust mathematical problem-solving tool designed to assist university students in navigating intricate equations. With step-by-step solutions, Mathway aids in comprehending mathematical concepts, making it an invaluable resource for those immersed in math and science studies.



Prezi is a dynamic presentation tool that empowers university students to craft engaging, visually appealing presentations. Whether you're working on class projects or delivering presentations, Prezi transforms your content into captivating visual narratives.


ResearchGate is a professional network that connects researchers and scholars from various disciplines. University students can use ResearchGate to discover academic papers, connect with experts in their fields, and stay updated on the latest research trends. It's a valuable platform for expanding your academic network and accessing relevant research articles and publications.

Resources for Financial Peace of Mind

To further improve your uni experience, there's also a plethora of ways to make your money go further as a student. Discovering ways to manage your finances effectively while at university is essential for long-term financial stability, which ultimately aids your overall well being and performance.

Websites like TOTUM offer exclusive discounts tailored for students, covering everything from groceries to tech gadgets. Meanwhile, budgeting apps such as Mint and YNAB help you track expenses and set financial goals effortlessly. To explore a comprehensive list of websites dedicated to student savings, check out our list of the best student discount, voucher and cashback sites and start maximising your money today!

Enhance Your Education

These 20 helpful sites for students are your companions in the exciting journey of university life. They cater to diverse aspects of your academic experience, whether you seek additional learning resources, research materials, writing assistance, or tools to enhance your organisation and productivity. By incorporating these websites into your academic routine, you can elevate your university journey, making it more accessible, efficient, and fruitful. Embrace these digital allies and embark on a path to academic excellence today!

If you're looking for more ways to enhance your education, check out our other articles on effective time management and how to set goals and achieve more as a student.


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