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The Best Student Discount Sites, Vouchers, Cashback & More

Updated: Apr 23

University can be costly, and alongside fees, rent and bills there are a whole host of additional living costs. Luckily for students, there are countless sites out there that are designed to help you save money on products and services that you would otherwise be paying full price for. These discounts apply to just about every purchase you can make, like clothing, food and drink, phone contracts, software, entertainment and travel - so get signed up and start saving today!

Here are our top picks of discount, voucher and cashback sites for students to save money on in-store and online purchases.

Students shopping for deals

Exclusive Student Discount Sites

TOTUM is a subscription based student discount site that provides a physical card and app for members. A membership provides you with instant access to discounts across hundreds of shops and restaurants, exclusive offers, vouchers, giveaways, cashback, freebies and much more. The card also serves as a PASS-approved proof of age student ID card which could come in handy to prove that you're over 18.

A 3 year membership is very affordable, especially given the amount of savings you'll make in that space of time across a range of categories like; fashion, music and technology, travel, health and fitness, entertainment, food and drink, finance and more.

UNiDAYS is a student discount website that offers discounts on a variety of products and services from technology to lifestyle. It's perfect for students who want to save money while they're shopping, and it's easy to use and free - just verify your place of study and course and you're good to go.

UNiDAYS is also a great platform to visit for their learning and well-being section which offers trials and discounted memberships to software, classes and courses to help advance your studying, well-being or personal development.

Another long-standing student discount provider is Student Beans, an organisation that works with brands to bring top exclusive discounts to students. Similarly to other sites, Student Beans offers discounts for the full spectrum of categories including food and drink, fashion, tech and mobile, entertainment and more.

As an extension of Student Beans, graduates can now also access Grad Beans for free, exclusive discounts to continue the savings for up to 5 years after leaving university.

Student Money Saver is a great place for students to find discount deals across a huge range of retailers. These discounts include deals from other sources like cashback sites as well as exclusive discounts on purchases and subscriptions.

Save the Student is a website that provides student discounts and much more. As the name eludes to, Save the Student provides not only deals, but tonnes of articles and advice on every subject relating to student life. These resources include tips on how to save money, make money, bank and budget correctly. They can even help you to find a job, whether part time or graduate, with their search function that combines job listings from popular sites like, Monster and Totaljobs.

Alongside these deals and resources, Save the Student also runs a monthly competition for newsletter subscribers.

For discounts on some of the more obscure, lesser known brands including regionally local deals, there is the Student Pocket Guide. Deals can be found within their student magazines or via the 'deals' section on their website. They also run several competitions where you could win vouchers or products, and feature a jobs section where you can search across thousands of jobs.

Student Discount is a great directory for finding student discount deals and codes on big brands. You can search for specific retailers or find discount deals via their categories or shops sections. They also include a top 20 student deals page so that you'll never miss the best deals.

For the avid explorer, there's Student Universe. Here you can find exclusive discounts on flights, hotels and car rentals. It's completely free to sign up for, you simply verify your student status to gain membership and away you go.

Student Universe also features an in-depth travel blog which covers budget travel, destinations, taking a gap year, studying abroad and general travel advice for students. So, if you're a student that wants to see the world, Student Universe is the place to start.

Software4Students is a website that provides free and discounted software for students. It offers a large selection of programs, from desktop and Web applications to mobile apps for just about any subject you can imagine.

The site also offers helpful tutorials on how to use the software, as well as tips and advice on various topics such as study strategies, time management, and more.

If you're looking for quality education resources but without the hefty price tag, then Software4Students is definitely worth checking out!

More Discount Voucher & Cashback Sites

As one of the most known coupon sites, Groupon is a great website for finding highly discounted, limited time deals. From products to services and experiences, Groupon is always worth checking out before making a purchase. And not only can you find deals from big brands, but there are offers from smaller retailers countrywide or local to you.

To ensure that you find the right deal, Groupon has a great search filter function which makes it easy to sort through different categories and price points. It even includes a rating filter so that you can find the most highly regarded deals.

One of the best places to find vouchers and discount codes is Vouchercloud. They have thousands of discounts and deals across thousands of top brands in every category you can imagine. You can also find both online and in-store vouchers and discount codes on their site, as well as; competitions, a dedicated blog and guides for saving money.

They now have a compare section too, so you can find great deals on your energy, broadband, mobile, car insurance and more.

A long-standing, must-visit cashback site is Top Cashback. This site offers exclusive cashback offers on just about everything, so it's worth checking up on when you're thinking of making a purchase online. If you get into the habit of using Top Cashback for all of your online shopping, you could save hundreds or even thousands on your purchases.

The offers change regularly and can feature huge percentages of cashback or even fixed figures of cashback for signing up to something like a new phone contract or broadband deal. You can easily find trending retailers and top picks so that you never miss a great deal.

Another great place to find vouchers and discounts is Voucher Codes. With thousands of tested codes available including exclusive online and in-store vouchers, Voucher Codes is a great place to save money.

As well as providing heaps of discounts that are available to anyone, Voucher Codes also includes a students section with even more exclusive discounts. There is also a browser extension 'Deal Finder' that will provide you with tested and working codes on checkout when you shop online so that you'll never miss a deal.

QuidCo is another cashback site that you should be signed up for. Similarly to Top Cashback, this site offers exclusive cashback offers on a wide range of retailers. The average member of QuidCo earns £300 per year, and they've already paid out over 500 million pounds to their members.

When making purchases online, be sure to check out QuidCo and Top Cashback. Each site will often have better offers than the other for specific retailers, so you can maximise your cashback by shopping around.

And finally, an app that everyone should have on their phone, Airtime Rewards. This app simply requires you to make an account and list a card and enter your phone number. From there, any transaction made on that card with a partnered retailer will bag you some cashback, which can then be redeemed as credit taken off your phone contract. Given that Airtime Rewards works from your card transactions, it won't affect the eligibility of other cashback deals that require you to make a claim. This means that you can receive cashback via other sites like Top Cashback or QuidCo and then receive extra cashback on the same purchase. With no effort besides the quick initial setup required, Airtime Rewards is a no-brainer for students and non-students alike to join and earn without even thinking about it.

More Ways to Save

Alongside the above resources that offer direct savings and cashback, there are plenty of other ways to make your money go further during your time at university. Setting clear financial goals and creating a solid budget plan are great ways to stay on top of your finances - we've created a free budget planner to use if you like using dedicated documents instead of apps for budgeting and planning. There are also plenty of opportunities for smart spending as a student, so to extend your savings, check out our article dedicated to smart money saving tips for students.

Get Saving

Happy student with thumbs up

Now that you're equipped with a host of discount sites, start integrating them into your buying habits and make the most of the best student discounts while you can!

We hope that this resource will help you make some great savings. Remember to check back on the UniQ Lets Student Blog for more information and resources to help make the most of your university experience.


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