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Loughborough University Map

Toggle to reveal specific locations and customise what you see on the map.

Navigate with ease using our Interactive Loughborough University Map

Explore Loughborough University's sprawling campus with our user-friendly interactive map. Whether you're a student or visitor, our map helps you navigate the university effortlessly. Discover key buildings such as academic departments, libraries, and student centres. Locate recreational facilities like sports complexes, parks, and cafes to unwind between classes.

With the toggle feature, you can customize the map view to focus on specific areas of interest. Toggle between academic buildings, sports facilities, accommodation, and more, tailoring your exploration experience. Our mobile-friendly design ensures you can access the map on-the-go, making it convenient for campus tours or finding your way around during events.

Start exploring now and make the most of your time at Loughborough University! And if you're looking to find out more about Loughborough, the University and more, check out our student blog which is filled with info and resources to help you make the most of your time away and have the best student experience.

Discover Insightful Articles and Resources on our Student Blog

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