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Your Ultimate Uni Packing List: What to Take to University

Are you excited about starting your university journey? Packing for university can be a mix of excitement and anticipation, but it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if it's your first time away from home. To help you prepare, we've compiled a comprehensive list of things to take to uni. Whether you're moving to a campus dorm or a shared house, this full uni packing list will ensure you're well-equipped for this new adventure. Check what is included in your chosen accommodation and adapt the list accordingly.

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  1. Bedding (duvet, pillows, bed linens)

  2. Mattress Protector

  3. Clothes Hangers

  4. Laundry Basket

  5. Desk Lamp

  6. Posters, Photos and Decorations


  1. Shower Essentials (shampoo, soap, towels)

  2. Hair Dryer/Straighteners

  3. First Aid Kit

  4. Prescription Medications (if needed)

  5. Personal Hygiene Products

  6. Toothbrush and Toothpaste


  1. Pots and Pans

  2. Cutlery and Crockery

  3. Mugs and Glasses

  4. Cooking Utensils (spatula, wooden spoon, tongs)

  5. Kitchen Knives

  6. Food Storage Containers

  7. Chopping Boards

  8. Tea Towels and Oven Mitts

  9. Reusable Water Bottle

  10. Can Opener

  11. Corkscrew/Bottle Opener


  1. Seasonal Clothes

  2. Raincoat/Umbrella

  3. Comfortable Shoes

  4. Formal Wear (for events)

  5. Laundry Detergent

  6. Reusable Water Bottle

  7. Passport/ID

  8. Bank Cards/Student Finance

  9. National Insurance Number (if applicable)

  10. Driving License (if you have one)

  11. Snacks

  12. Basic Toolkit

  13. Bike or Transportation Pass (if needed)


  1. Laptop and Charger

  2. Phone and Charger

  3. Extension Leads

  4. Headphones

  5. Printer (if required)

  6. Power Bank

  7. Notebooks and Pens

  8. Textbooks (as required)

  9. Backpack or Bag

Remember, this list of things to take to uni is a guideline to help you get started. Your personal preferences and specific university requirements may lead to some adjustments. It's also good to check with your university or accommodation provider for any specific recommendations or restrictions.

Moving to university is a big step, and being well-prepared can help make the transition smoother. So, pack your bags and get ready for an incredible journey of learning, independence, and personal growth at your university! To further help your transition, check out our list of the most useful websites for students.


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