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Student Guide to the Loughborough University Campus

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

So, you've decided to study at Loughborough University, congratulations! You're in for an exciting and rewarding experience. With so many facilities and resources at your fingertips, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed at first. That's why we've put together this guide to help you get around campus and make the most of your time at Loughborough.

Birds-eye view of Loughborough University campus

Getting Around Campus

The Loughborough Uni campus is vast, so you want to make sure you know how to get around. You can download a map from the University's website or check out our interactive Loughborough University Map.

Walking is a great way to get around campus. Most of the buildings and facilities are just a short walk away, and the campus is well-lit, so you'll be good even in the evenings. Cycling's also a popular option with cycle lanes all over campus.

If walking or cycling's not your thing, the uni's got a shuttle bus service that'll take you from building to building and to the halls of residence. The shuttle bus runs regularly and you can check the schedule on the uni's website or app.


Loughborough Uni's got some amazing facilities for students to enjoy. Here are a few of the most popular:

⦁ The Students' Union: This is the hub of student life at Loughborough Uni and where you'll find all sorts of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. They've also got a huge sports centre with multiple gyms, a swimming pool, and a variety of sports courts.

⦁ The Library: The Loughborough Uni library is a top-notch, modern facility that's got everything you need to hit the books and do some research. With a ton of books, journals, and electronic resources, plus study areas and group study rooms, you'll be all set.

⦁ The Students' Services Centre: This is the place to go for all sorts of support services. From the Information Centre to the Student Services Centre to the Student Support Centre, they've got you covered for anything from finding your way around campus to landing a part-time job.

⦁ The Arts Centre: This is where you'll find the uni's performing arts facilities, including the Theatre, the Dance Studio, and the Music Centre. With art and design studios too, it's a popular spot for students to get creative and express themselves.

Student Accommodation

Finding a place to live as a new student at Loughborough Uni can be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry, the university's got you covered! They've got many halls of residence to choose from, and they're a great option for anyone new to the area. Some of the halls are right on campus, and others are just a short walk away.

When deciding on a hall, it's important to think about your budget and how you like to live. Traditional halls are a budget-friendly option and you'll meet tons of new friends in a supportive, social environment. Self-catered flats or houses give you a bit more independence and freedom, offering greater spaces to socialise, cook and chill out. If you're looking for accommodation that provides more than traditional halls, take a look at our high-spec luxury student houses that have been designed with every aspect of comfort, functionality, quality and productivity in mind.

Food and Drink

One of the best things about Loughborough University is the food scene. There's something for everyone, whether you're after a quick bite between classes or a sit-down meal with friends. The Students' Union is home to some great cafes and restaurants, including The Coffee House, The Nutrition Bar and Meet & Eat food hubs. These are perfect for grabbing a coffee or a sandwich. If you're after a quick snack, you can also drop into one of the shops on campus where you can pick up some groceries, snacks and supplies.

Tips and Tricks

So, now you know what's on offer, here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the campus:

⦁ Plan ahead: Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the campus map and facilities before you arrive. This will make it easier to get around and make the most of your time at Loughborough.

⦁ Get involved: Joining clubs and societies is a great way to meet new people and get a taste of campus life. There are loads of clubs and societies to choose from, so you're bound to find something that interests you.

⦁ Make use of technology: The Loughborough University app is a lifesaver! It'll help you get around campus, keep track of your timetable, and access important information and updates from the university.

⦁ Ask for help: If you're having trouble finding your way around or need some assistance, don't be afraid to ask. The staff at the Information Centre and the Student Services Centre are always happy to help.


In conclusion, Loughborough University is an amazing place to study, and with this knowledge, you'll have an incredible student experience. With top-notch facilities, a fantastic food scene, and a supportive student community, there's something for everyone at Loughborough.

Don't forget that the town centre isn't far from the University campus too, so why not take a trip into town and explore what Loughborough has to offer? There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. So, dive in and make the most of your time at Loughborough. We've even put together a guide to Loughborough to give you some pointers and show you some hidden gems of the town.


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